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Vivianne Dawalibi has a heart of gold and demonstrates clear vision, determination and genuine kindness. Owner and Managing Director of Caloundra Bulk Billing Surgery, Vivianne has many interesting stories to share about her experiences all over the world, supporting and working with the United Nations for 20 years providing solutions and integration services for refugees and engaging in various emergency operations.

Vivianne is of Syrian origin and lived in Sudan, the eldest of three sisters and a brother. Her family was extremely overprotective, with strong Christian values, and sent the girls to a private Catholic school. She was very lucky later in life to fall deeply in love with and marry an Armenian man who was born in Sudan. “Nubar was a good husband; he was a noble man, extremely supportive. He gave me freedom to dream and grow and be who I am today”, shares Vivianne.

In 1980, Vivianne started her career with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Sudan. Her first role was a junior bookkeeper, then she developed herself and climbed the ladder and became an operations officer in charge of various emergency operations in various countries including Armenia, Belarus, Bangladesh and finally in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Kosovo conflict.

“I was sent on a mission to support various emergency operations in my home country Sudan, as well as overseas. In Sudan, we were hosting over 2.5 million refugees from various African countries”, Vivianne says. As acknowledgment for all her hard work, initiative, determination and compassion, Vivianne was presented with a Noble Peace Prize Certificate in 1981. This was a life changing accomplishment.

Due to political reform and a risky incident that happened in 1993, Vivianne and her husband Nubar and ten-year old son Homer were approved to settle in Australia as refugees under a special humanitarian program for Christian Sudanese; however, Vivianne continued her humanitarian work overseas until she made the hardest decision to resign from her career with the United Nations due to family reasons, and finally settled in Sydney in 1999.

A number of years later and after the sad loss of her beloved husband in October 2002 due to a heart condition, Vivianne moved to Queensland in February 2004. She stood strong; her vision remained focused on helping people. An opportunity came up on the Sunshine Coast and in July 2004 she purchased the business ‘Caloundra Bulk Billing Surgery’ that was newly established at the back of the former Caloundra Beach Pharmacy.

She set her sights on achieving her lifelong dream to become a businesswoman. “I developed my practice and created a module that provided various medical services under the one roof, with 100% bulk billing”, says Vivianne. Two years later she took over the whole floor of the pharmacy and developed the space into a state-of-the-art modern, well equipped general practice.

With strong values of ‘love, care and share’, Vivianne’s mindset focuses on helping people have access, providing a wide range of professional health services to patients who can benefit from their services. “I am passionate to lead the best bulk billing practice on the Sunny Coast which is supported by a passionate and caring clinical and non-clinical team who will attract other professional health providers who carry the same vision and mission to serve the health needs of our community”, says Vivianne. She plans to develop and expand their services, whilst also attracting new corporate businesses to benefit from the provided services and choose the practice as their preferred medical centre.

Vivianne shares with us, “We offer great corporate health solutions. This includes comprehensive health assessments head to toe with scientific proven tools. And if the patient meets the Medicare acceptable criteria, this service can be bulk billed!”

We asked Vivianne what some of her challenges were in her business. “Unfortunately, I did not use the service of a mentor to help me in the growth of my business”. In recent times Vivianne has experienced feelings of fear and lacked confidence in herself. She signed up to the 2013 Bali Sales Congress with Target Training which helped her reconnect with other like minded business people. At the end of the week she felt like they were her new family. “Words cannot describe how amazing it was in Bali. It was very touching to be surrounded by positive, professional, passionate trainers and other business people. I had time to reflect on myself rather than hiding behind the scenes.”

What would Vivianne like to offer our readers as advice? Vivianne says “Get a mentor, educate yourself, be persistent. Keep a clear vision with specific goals, document your progress and you will achieve your dreams. Build a positive attitude and surround yourself with positive people who can support you. Believe in yourself as you are bigger than any circumstances, and you will get there.”

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