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Vivianne Dawalibi has a heart of gold and demonstrates clear vision, determination and genuine kindness. Owner and Managing Director of Caloundra Bulk Billing Surgery, Vivianne has many interesting stories to share about her experiences all over the world, supporting and working with the United Nations for 20 years providing solutions and integration services for refugees and engaging in various emergency operations.

Vivianne is of Syrian origin and lived in Sudan, the eldest of three sisters and a brother. Her family was extremely overprotective, with strong Christian values, and sent the girls to a private Catholic school. She was very lucky later in life to fall deeply in love with and marry an Armenian man who was born in Sudan. “Nubar was a good husband; he was a noble man, extremely supportive. He gave me freedom to dream and grow and be who I am today”, shares Vivianne.

In 1980, Vivianne started her career with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Sudan. Her first role was a junior bookkeeper, then she developed herself and climbed the ladder and became an operations officer in charge of various emergency operations in various countries including Armenia, Belarus, Bangladesh and finally in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Kosovo conflict. Read more