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Call Home Visiting Doctor

Call Home Visiting Doctor is was locally established in Caloundra, locally owned and locally managed, to ensure a bulk billed, quick delivery of health service to our local Sunshine Coast Community.

Approved areas we service can be found at our website at:

When would you use this service:

  • When your regular clinic is closed
  • When you have a problem and the hospital is overflowing
  • If you have a sick child or elderly parent and do not want to leave the comfort of your home


Call 1800 644 999 for your after – hours health needs.


We are here to serve you in the comfort of your own home and our service is 100% Bulk Billed for all Medicare and DVA card holders.

The Call centre is open Monday to Friday from 4pm; Saturdays from noon; Sundays and public holidays 24 hours.

Our Call Home Visiting Doctor service is accredited and so are our Doctors, they are highly trained and experienced in urgent care (when it is not a life threatening condition)– Category 4 and 5, which are cases that do not require emergency care. The service is designed to take the load off our public hospitals.

To ensure continuity of your care, an After-hours consultation report, on the reason of your call, diagnosis and the treatment provided, is sent to your regular doctor.   As we understand, pharmacies are closed after-hours, our doctors have selective medication that could help you throughout the night at no cost to you.


Call 1800 644 999, YOUR LOCAL AFTER-HOURS HOME DOCTOR for your urgent After-hours health needs.

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